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Justice Technology Consultants

We have over 25 years experience in technology solutions, specializing in case management systems, digital recording, alcohol monitoring, drug education, probation and parole, ignition interlocks, and integrated justice solutions for the Courts and Judicial market. Identify business problems, map business processes, requirements analysis, and RFP’s. Strengths in identifying and evaluating vendor’s proposals, assist with contract negotiations, provide project management with detailed project auditing, and unique employee recruiting. Through Justice Technology Consultants expertise, you will maximize your investment saving both time and money...

Justice Technology Consultants...... Experience You Can Trust.....

Experience in management of multi-million dollar court grant programs.

Certifications and participation in numerous ICM, NACM and JSI court specific classes. 

Nationally recognized in sales / marketing for many judicial technology companies. 

Years of experience in bridging the right companies together to form cohesive and successful partnerships. 

First hand work experience with Supreme Court Judges, Police Chiefs and Sheriffs, State IT Directors, Governors and hundreds of Court Administrators and other court / judicial staff. 

Record setting experience in new product campaigns and public relations endeavors. 

Highly experienced in ascertaining grants and other innovative funding sources. 

Participated in dozens of court sponsored technology bid meetings and tech project plans. 

Staffing review-will review current staff assignments, assist with the recruiting process and recommend efficient organizational structure and staffing levels. 

Hundreds of man hours of experience in trade-shows at various levels.